Developing project schedule-create more accurate schedule

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When developing a project schedule, it is common to underestimate the time and budget needed for each milestone. What are some practices that could help a project manager to create a more accurate schedule?

Reference no: EM13841687

What is the present value of that salvage value

ABC Company is considering an investment in a machine that will have a useful life of six years with a salvage value at the end of $12,000. Assuming that ABC has a minimum rat

Which option will return the most to bill

Bill Martin made an investment several years ago, and he now has an option as to how it will take the return on that investment. Option 1 is to receive an immediate cash payme

What is the machines internal rate of return

The Donut Shoppe is considering buying a new donut machine for a total of $110,110. The Donut Shoppe estimates that this new machine will increase its cash inflow each year, a

The studio is offering blockbuster deal

A movie studio sells the latest movie on DVD to Blockbuster at $10 per DVD. The marginal production cost for the movie studio is $2 per DVD. Blockbuster prices each DVD at $25

Order quantity-expected sales and expected overstock

AspenWear, a retailer of ski wear needs to place an order for the Mirabelle, a designer ski jacket for the high-end market. Compute the following performance measures for the

What is the total safety stock across all stores

Suppose the 100 retail stores of a supermarket chain have identical weekly demand for a product (mean 200, standard deviation 120). There is zero correlation between the retai

Which constraints are binding

Stoneware Pottery Company wants to determine how many bowls and mugs should be produced per day in order to maximize profit given the labor and material constraints. The unit

What is the profit that studio expects to make

Top Gun Records and several movie studios have decided to sign a revenue-sharing contract for DVDs. Each DVD costs the studio $2 to produce. The DVD will be sold to Top Gun fo


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