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In the Discussion Board, you already analyzed how you would manage a smaller project compared to a larger project. You will now synthesize what you have learned during the discussions on this topic.

For this assignment, you are determining all of the processes, activities, and tasks you will need to incorporate in your acquisition project, which will be small in nature compared to a larger-sized project. You will also describe the overall processes such as project communication processes, integrated change control processes, and project monitoring and controlling processes.

Instructor's Comments:

The students should complete this section in the Key Assignment shell with a screenshot of the Tracking Gantt View of their system acquisition project activities and Gantt chart.

They should also have described activities and processes that they will use for each of the major process groups for their particular project. They should discuss the communications and change control aspects too.

Create the following new section:

Management of Small Projects

Develop your small acquisition project schedule using MS Project (tasks, predecessors, duration, and resources assigned).

Copy a screen print of the schedule and Gantt chart into this shell.

Copy a screen print of the critical path network diagram, or of the Gantt screen of the Tracking Gantt view showing the critical path into this shell.

Describe the specific processes that you will use within each of the 5 Project Management Institute (PMI®) process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling and closing.

600-1200 words

Reference no: EM131435878

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