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Develop a vision statement for any organization of your choice. Your vision statement should be designed to encourage a high-performing and competitive future for the organization and promote servant leadership. Keep the vision under 50 words.

Reference no: EM13856731

Federal emergency preparedness and homeland security grants

In 2004 Tom Ridge then Secretary of DHS, announced that to be eligible for federal emergency preparedness and homeland security grants, state and local governments must comply

Prepare an implementation plan for change

Prepare an implementation plan for change that would enable Gar Finnvold to create a fully competitive computer service within two years. Review the list of possible intervent

Why do most firms not develop major strategies

Why do most firms not develop major strategies for matches between threats and strengths? Under what conditions might a firm develop a major strategy around a match between an

The author is credible and is trustworthy source

How important is it to be personally invested in an idea? Can you sell an idea that you have no stake in? Why or why not? Using one of the resources from the Course Readings,

Uncostitutional conditions clause property

Law. Discuss in detail the legal matter of Jonston Vs Tampa Bay Sports Authority. Discuss how the Judge came to his/her decision, whether or not such decision was proper or wh

Differences between incremental and revolutionary strategies

What are the differences between "incremental" and "revolutionary" strategies, as well as "intended" and "actual" strategies? Do you think one is more valuable than the other?

Provide measures of effectiveness and efficiencies

Analyze your organization and provide measures of effectiveness and efficiencies that are used in your operation. Why did you select these measures, and are they the right one

Changes to the competitive environment-leadership shuffling

Organizational changes are often driven by trigger events such as: changes to the competitive environment, leadership shuffling, and/or “going global”. Discuss a time when you


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