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1. At one time, in the history of the world, all knowledge was unified.  What led universities and societies as a whole toward the fragmenting of knowledge? What were some of the important changes in our society that resulted from the fragmentation of knowledge? What are some of the important issues that we face today that are leading us, once again, towards a unity of knowledge?

2. Evaluate the following statement as a program objective for a diversity training program.

"Develop a thorough understanding of the corporate culture of our organization, including our policies on harassment, ethnic and gender diversity, and equal access to individual counseling and promotion opportunities"

Discuss the positive elements (in terms of objective writing) contained in the statement. Identify the key elements of objective writing that were omitted from the statement. Rewrite this objective to conform more closely to the principles cited in Chapter 5 and supplemental material concerning effective program objectives.

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Reference no: EM132280842

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