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Enterprise Systems Assignment - ERP Analysis and Implementation

Case Study: CLNRecycle Ltd (Manufacturing: Make to order and make to stock production)

A - An analysis of the current situation

A1 - Business requirements and drivers

Develop a list of CLR's business requirements and business drivers (at least 10 items). Provide a brief description of each item on the list. Make sure your description is linked to CLR and its business context.

A2 - Linking requirements to ERP functionalities

Using the list you developed in A1, create a table that includes:

1- A column of the identified items on the list

2- A column that specifies whether each item is a business driver or a business requirement

3- Identify business process(es) that can support or fulfil each of these business drivers or requirements

4- Identify the type of data or information that is required for the successful completion of each business process.

5- Against each business driver or requirement in the table, choose ERP functionalities that can help CLR to meet/achieve its specific business requirements/drivers.

6- Provide a justification for each choice you made in step 5.

B - Software selection process

Using the table A2, your research of the existing enterprise systems in the market suggests that there are two suitable ERP solutions for CLR:

  • SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (a.k.a SAP S/4HANA)
  • SAP ECC6

As a technology consultant, your task in this section is research these two recommended systems to identify which one is a better option for CLR. To do this, you need to examine the features of each system against your findings in section A2.

You are also required to briefly explain what other considerations are going to take into account your final selection (at least three points)? Adopt a Rich Picture approach to justify your answer. For this part, you need to consider both internal and external stakeholders.

In your report, you also need to address your proposed approach to the implementation of the selected systems (e.g. Big Bang). Justify your answer.

C- Investigation of new solutions

The company's manager (John McDonald) has recently attended an international conference on enterprise systems. In the conference, he spoke with representatives from Ariba, Concur Technologies, and CallidusCloud companies. John also wants to know if any of the products these companies are offering can help CLR to address some of its emerging business requirements.

Your task is also to research the solutions offered by these companies, and based on the method you used in section A and B, identify if any of those solutions, as add-on features/functionalities, could be relevant to CLR requirements.

What method do you propose (e.g. Waterfall) for the integration of these systems to the selected ERP in Section B. Justify your answer based on the business and operation requirements of CLR?

D- Risk Management

Risk management is an integral part of system implementation. One of the risks that are frequently identified in the literature is 'A lack of top management support'. However, there are more other vital risks that might affect the implementation of a system.

In this section, you need to provide a brief definition of Risk Management and explain why managing risks is important to ERP implementations (references required).

You also need to propose a brief risk management plan. The plan should include three risks that could significantly affect the implementation of the selected system in Section B. Some research will be required to identify the most relevant risks (references required). Then you need to complete the following risk register table:



Source/Cause (not more than 3 for each risk)




Mitigation (no more than 2 for each risk)


1- Lack of top management support

CLR management does not provide resources to the implementation project

  • Lack of proper communication,
  • Lack of resources,
  • Change of priorities,




  • Develop a communication plan
  • Predict reserve funding in the budget

Sumner, M., 2000. Risk factors in enterprise-wide/ERP projects. Journal of information technology, 15(4), pp.317-327.

You are also expected to develop a Risk Matrix to demonstrate what ratings in the 'Rating' column mean.

E- Change Management

ERP implementations can create many changes in organisations. In this section, you first need to provide a brief definition of Change Management and explain why managing change is an essential part of ERP implementations (references required).

You also need to propose a change management model and explain how the model can support the implementation of the selected ERP in Section B. In your explanation, you need to highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the selected change management model.

Structure of the report -

Your report should be no more than 3000 words and include:

1- Report Structure

  • Title Page
  • Exec Summary - No more than 2/3rds of a page and Should provide an overview of the report outcomes.
  • Table of contents page
  • Introduction - You will be required to provide the purpose and a brief overview and the structure of the report.
  • Scope - This section discusses the breadth and depth of the report
  • Audience - This section discusses whom the report is going to

2- Project Background

  • This section briefly discusses the project and its motivations
  • This section should not be less than one page

3- Analysis and Evaluation

  • An analysis of the current situation
  • Software selection process
  • Investigation of new solutions
  • Risk management plan
  • Change management plan

4- Overall summary

  • An overall summary of the report should be identified here. This should link to findings at each point to the objectives of the report. This should cover at least half page.

5- Recommendations

  • This section should offer recommendations to the BoD and CEO with regards to the findings of section B, C, D, and E.

6- References

  • Citation: You need to follow Harvard Style.

Attachment:- Case Study- LNRecycle Ltd.rar

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