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Develop and implement a three day sales and product knowledge training course:

Responsibility: Trainind director Laura Brown

Timetable: Program to be developed from Jan 1 through March 31, for implementation in April and May, with a followup in Sept.

Resource commitment: 1000 for expenses; two consecutive days during April or May for each new accounts representive; one day in September.

Reference no: EM131375090

Conflict between functional manager and project manager

With respect to acquiring resources, there is a high potential for conflict between the functional manager and the project manager. Describe a major source of that conflict

What advantages do a retail chain have over a retailer

What advantages do a retail chain have over a retailer? Who usually operates small stores (give some examples)? Does a small retailer have any advantages in competing against

Standard containers are designed to hold seven dozen parts

A JIT system uses kanban cards to authorize movement of incoming parts. In one portion of the system, a work center uses an average of 92 parts per hour while running. The man

Ethics of conscious capitalism impact management tactics

Applying conscious capitalism principles typically starts with a plan from the CEO and requires the plan to be implemented through various management levels and all employees.

Key opportunities and threats in the external environment

In Module 2, we focus on SWOT. In order to complete a SWOT, we are required to identify and analyze the key opportunities and threats in the external environment. Evaluate the

Short of their required demand quantity

Consider the following transportation problem. R1 R2 R3 R4 Shipped Capacity V1 1800 1700 0 0 3500 3500 V2 0 600 1250 1250 3100 3100 Received: 1800 2300 1250 1250 Demand: 1800

Profit and not-for-profit organization

Identify, analyze and compare the SERPs of one for profit and one not-for-profit organization. Find similarities and differences, identifying possible gaps with recommendation

Equally offset the expected long cash position

On Aug. 15 a feed barley producer feels that $300/t is a good price to sell the remainder of the un priced feed barley he/she is about to harvest since the December feed barle


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