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Baby Products, Inc., hires Cole to develop and implement an e-commerce strategy for marketing Baby’s products. Cole signs a contract that includes a clause prohibiting him from competing with Baby during and after the employment. Before the strategy is implemented, Cole resigns from Baby’s employ and opens a business to compete with Baby. In Baby’s suit against Cole, to determine whether Cole may compete with Baby, what is the most important factor the court should consider.

Reference no: EM131224944

Which functions is important in meeting customer requirement

Which logistical functions are most important in meeting customer requirements. Why. How can a company utilize logistics to achieve a competitive advantage. What critical fa

Describe the concept of insider trading

Describe the means by which a corporation might raise capital. In your response define and describe the different types of financial securities which might be marketed in orde

How cultural difference can affect productivity

Write a hypotheses on how cultural difference can affect productivity in work place. Social networks are a tool of socialisation and instill values of equal merit when compare

What is the optimal order quantity for the inkjet cartridges

Suppose my office uses ten different kinds of inkjet printers, and as a result I need to maintain inventory of ten different types of ink cartridges. This is a large office, a

Calculate the reorder quantity-average daily demand

A product has average daily demand of 10, a daily standard deviation of 1.5, a lead time of 2 days, and there are 25 on hand. The lead time is 2 days and the order Interval is

How should you decide whether to sell the product

You are an executive with a large pharmaceutical company and you have to decide whether to market a product that might have undesirable side effects for a small percentage of

Listening skills-often misunderstanding occurs on job

Listening skills; often when a misunderstanding occurs on the job, it is attributed to a lack of communication, which most of time implies that whoever was delivering the mess

Numerous factors associated with staffing systems

There are numerous factors associated with staffing systems which contribute to the system’s effectiveness. The use of metrics to assess staffing performance has risen greatly


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