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Complete a global competitive landscape and supply chain scan for your selected organization and industry. You are expected to apply the tools, concepts, and methodologies that you have learned during this course.

Perform an analysis of the supply chain and changing eco-system in an effort to develop a lean value chain that fosters innovation and growth. You are expected to provide value to customers while addressing change management challenges in terms of process, products, and services.

Create a 2,100-word Implementation Plan in which you include the following:

Analyze the supply chain from both product and service standpoints.

Analyze the most important value points in terms of process, products, and services.

Assess the organization's competitive position and possibilities.

Analyze the structure, logistics, and facility location of the organization.

Explain how the organization's structure, logistics, and facility location affects the organizational performance.

Develop a list of key objectives that foster innovation and growth in context of the business / industry.

Develop an implementation plan for key objectives, change management issues in context of all stakeholders as part of your operational plan.

Please include a GANTT chart.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Reference no: EM131206212

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