Develop an aggregate plan using a spreadsheet

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Helter Industires, a company that produces a line of women's bathing suits, hires temporaries to help produce its summer product demand. For the current four-month rolling schedule, there are three temps on staff and 12 full-time employees. The temps can be hired when needed and can be used as needed, wheras the full-time emplyees must be paid whether they areneeded or not. Each full-time employee can produce 205 suits, while eact part-time employee can produce 165 suits per month.

Demand for bathing suits for the next four months is as follows:

May June July August
3,200 2,800 3,100 3,000

Beginning inventory in May is 403 complete (a complete two-piece includes both top and bottom) bathing suits. Bathing suits cost $40 to produce and carrying cost is 24 percent per year.

Develop an aggregate plan using a spreadsheet.


Reference no: EM13232429

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