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Case Study

Complete a project proposal. A list of available projects is provided.

Individuals must choose any one project from the list of suggested projects.

Description of the assessment:

Suggested Projects:

  1. Develop a Website: An education consulting firm would like to develop a career oriented website for guide them for higher education in Australia. The website should contain all the relevant information such as listing of Universities, subjects in various Degrees and their eligibility, acceptance criteria, fees, visa procedure etc.
  2. Develop an Ecommerce Website: A Commercial book-shop would like an e-commerce website, which could be used to buy and sell the books, educational CD/DVDs, posters etc. online.
  3. Develop a Database Application: A local club would like to develop a database, which could house historical data of the club. Data stored might include; information on player, matches played committee members, game results, award winners, images and interviews etc.
  4. Develop a Finance Application: A chain of plant nurseries employees over 80 people would like a customized finance application created. At a minimum the application should include: payroll, debtors, creditors, BAS calculations, bank reconciliation, reports etc.
  5. Develop a Multimedia Application: A bed and breakfast located in a rural area of Victoria would like a CD/DVD to use as a marketing tool, which introduces all its services such as accommodation, meals, local tourist venues, eating out etc..


Based on the case study above, write a report (2500 words) and answer the following questions:

Your Project proposal should contain:

  1. Overview: Short summary of the objectives and scope of the project, also include: Project name, description, and sponsor's name.
  2. Roles and responsibilities: Team members, their roles, responsibilities, contact details etc.
  3. Purpose of the project: Limitations/problems associated with current system
  4. Work breakdown structure: Tasks to be performed, duration, responsible team member
  5. Stakeholder analysis: name and organization of stakeholder, their role in project, level of interest, suggestions for managing relationship.


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Reference no: EM13711923

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