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Develop a web site or blog with annotated links that include many of the links that you learned about this semester, with subheadings including Educational Technology Trends; Mobile Devices, Applications and Issues; Web 2.0 Apps and Administrative Applications.

Several suggested places to host your page for free include, Google Sites, and Blogger.

You can include some of your other related favorite sites as well. You may also add to an existing web site that you have developed, as long as the subheadings above each have their own page(s) and annonated links which can be easily found.

You will develop an annotated website or blog on four assigned areas for emerging educational technologies. If a blog is used, it could be a continuation of a blog developed for another EDT class, but it must contain new pages organized around the four assigned areas.

You should organize the website to reflect the progression of the course. Major topics should be compiled into separate divisions within the site (see the P3 description for specific details on completing this assignment).

Students should consider including other beneficial items that will assist them with their continued personal learning in the area of evolving technologies.

Reference no: EM13693385

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