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Assignment requires you to develop a project grant application for a health promotion initiative. The focus of the project (i.e. the health issue) can be the same as selected. If you wish to change to a new health issue this should be discussed with the unit coordinator to obtain approval.

Assignment provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills acquired over the course of this unit. To successfully complete the assignment, students will need to:

• Use the reading and review of literature undertaken for Assignment 1 to develop/modify a potential intervention aimed at reducing an NCD risk factor and suitable for implementation in WA;

• Critique similar programs that have tackled your health issue to consider what has worked/ what has not worked, so that your proposal can avoid or anticipate potential problems in program implementation;

• Use/apply the planning model PRECEDE-PROCEED to plan the project content, implementation and evaluation (please note this is a tool for you to use - the model doesn't have to be specifically described in the proposal);

• Develop a budget for your proposed project which will involve thinking about and estimating what staff and other resources would be required to implement your program here in Perth/Western Australia.

Unhealthy eating proposal

This ten pages proposal assignment about unhealthy eating behavior should be done based on the following:

1- It should be mainly based on the literature review attached

2- It should be done according to the Precede-Proceed Model explained in lecture 1 and lecture 2 materials.

3- It should be checked according to the instructions and marking criteria attached as separate files.

4- The references are from the literature review according to Vancouver style which is the same style in the literature review..

2500 words.

20 reference.

Assignment link -

Reference no: EM131051265

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