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Using the information given in figures shown, develop a precedence notation CPM network for the bridge project described. Certain logical relationships are implied by the bar chart that has been supplied to you by the field superintendent who has been chosen to run the job. According to contract specifications your company must submit a network scheduling (CPM) to the owner. Knowing that you area CPM expert, your boss has given you the job of setting up the network. He also has asked you to calculate the project duration in working days. The duration of each activity can be developed from the dates given on the bar chart.

Reference no: EM131273271

Discuss the exempt securities pursuant to the securities

The stock will be sold only within the state of Kansas. Joseph Langley the chairman of the board, says the offering need not be registered with the Securities and Exchange C

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The fixed assets will be sold for $2,000 at the end of year three. The project generates OCF of $13,000. What is the project's NPV? Please give me a clear detailed way on ho

Performance tracking proposal

Incorporating the marketing strategy changes as the result of your research, the DiVito Bakery has now re-opened. As the marketing consultant for the DiVito Bakery you are n

Describe influence that corporate social responsibility has

Identify how the organization applies corporate social responsibility to the business. Evaluate the influence that corporate social responsibility has on the organization.

Explain supply and demand

Please Explain supply and demand? The demand curve with microeconomic principles such as Monetary and Fisccal Policy? Price Elasticity, cross price elasticity, income elasti

Michael porter business strategies

Which of Michael Porter's business strategies does SAMSUNG follow to stay competitive. Explain why you think it is the best business strategy to take, or should the company

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Once you've created this list, identify the challenges that each of these businesses face as it relates to identifying market segments, managing consumer trust, ensuring con

Sequence of equivalent statements

This is an "if and only if" statement, so we can either work through a sequence of equivalent statements, or show that the implication "works both ways". We proceed the latt


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