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Question: Develop a marketing plan for an organization of your choice (i.e., Hospital, Long-term Care Facility, Outpatient Surgery Center, etc.).

1. Identify (type) an organization for which you are creating a marketing plan. Be sure to name your organization as well (i.e., Organizational Name/Type: Trident Assisted Living; Long-Term Care Facility).

2. Identify a Geographical Location where your organization is situated. (This is important when you reach the point of researching the market in that area.)

• The area that you choose can be one in which you reside, have resided, or an area that you would be interested in researching.

• Include demographics of the location (average age, median salary, ethnicity composition, etc.).

3. Provide a Historical Background:

• In this section, you are to give the reader an indication of where your organization idea originated and opportunities for expansion.

• Indicate how the future success of the organizations can be attributed to the strategies found in the marketing plan.

• Identify if the organization is non-profit or for-profit.

4. Provide the Marketing Goals and Objectives:

• To introduce this section, include the "mission statement" of the organization.

• Identify industry-wide problems and create strategies to challenge them. This will also demonstrate that you have the necessary foresight to allow you to recognize problems in the future (i.e., baby boomer concerns, understaffing issues, lack of technology, underserved population, etc.).

• Explain how you will attract more customers while keeping the ones you have.

• Indicate the goals you have for quality of service, level of service (speed and accuracy), customer satisfaction, and your own flexibility to support consumer demands and requests.

Note: The bolded words above should be the section headings in your Marketing Plan.

Reference no: EM132184843

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