Determining the possible process architecture

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Suggest a possible process architecture for this system.

If a periodic process in the onboard train protection system is used to collect data from the trackside transmitter, how often must it be scheduled to ensure that the system is guaranteed to collect information from the transmitter? Explain how you arrived at your answer.

Why are general-purpose operating systems, such as Linux or Windows, not suitable as real-time system platforms? Use your experience of using a general-purpose system to help answer this question.

Reference no: EM13888738

Determine the rate of heat transfer through the window

A double pane insulated window consists of two 1cm thick pieces of glass separated by q= 1.8cm layer of air. The unit measures 4m in legnth and is 3m in width. Under condition

Determine the reactions at points a and b

The wrench makes contact with the shaft at point A, which may be assumed to be frictionless, and at B where a small pin fits into a hole in the shaft. If P = 80 N, L = 120 m

Determine the work and heat transfer for each of the process

A piston-cylinder assembly contains 2 lb of water, initially at 300°F. The water undergoes two processes in series: constant-volume heating followed by a constant-pressure p

Question regarding the larson-miller parameter

If the Larson-Miller parameter correctly correlates the data, a plot of data at constant stress (therefore constant P) of log (t) versus 1/T also would be a straight line.

Determine the acceleration velocity and position

The race car stars from rest at s = 0 and travels along a straight road. Its v-t graph is obtained as shown. The flat part of the graph is caused by shifting gears. Determin

Find the stresses in the connecting rod and crack

The diameter of the piston is 12 in. and the material of the mechanism is steel. Model the connecting rod and the crank by one beam element each. The lengths of the crank an

The values of the shear force and bending moment

The horizontal steel shaft with two diameters is welded to the fixed block at A. Construct the dia-grams of shear and moment in the shaft due to its weight. Determine the va

Compare the turbine exit quality for a simple cycle

Reheat, where high pressure and low pressure turbines are used, is added to a simple steam cycle to increase the steam quality at the location where the steam exits the low pr


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