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Take any number, square it, and add 6, multiply by the original number. Now add 5 to that. Now divide this by the original number plus 1. Now subtract your original number and you should get 5.

Reference no: EM13122031

Consideration of a random sample of the population

If the mailing list can be considered a random sample of the population, what is the chance that at least 1245 Macintosh users will receive the flyer?

Company specific mix of individual

A company's specific mix of individual employees combines to help produce an organization's culture and feel. In this assignment, you will evaluate how an unbalanced mix of

With limited memory and storage facilities

In the 1970s, computers (even minicomputers) were very expensive. Since no one had their own computer, people had to share. Compared to today, computers in the 1970s were sl

Do the test results tend to support the managers suspicion

Do the test results tend to support the manager's suspicion that adverse conditions might be detrimental to the operating lifespan of halogen lightbulbs used in her plant?

Limiting probabilities of this markov chain

Consider a Markov chain with states 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. Suppose P0,4 = 1; and suppose that when the chain is in state i, i > 0, the next state is equally likely to be any of the

Draw the equivalemce class

Let A be the same set as in given Exercise. Show that the following relation is an equivalence relation:- (m1,n1)p(m2,n2) if m1+n2 = n1+m2. Draw the equivalemce class of (1,2)

Determine repair cost has a normal curve

A simple random sample of 30 repairs made by this company is taken. The sample average is $97, and the SD is $17. Assume that the repair cost has a normal curve.

Construct the sampling distribution of h

Suppose that two fair dice are rolled and H = higher of the two faces. If both dice show the same value, H is that value. Construct the sampling distribution of H, listing a


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