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An assembly line turns out 10% deffectives. Determine an acceptance number and sampling plan for samples of size 14 and a producers risk of 3%. (AQL = 10)).

a) Based on the plan you devised in part a, determine the probability of still accepting if in reality the line is turning out 30% defectives.

b) Determine an acceptance sampling plan for samples of size 200 and a producer's risk of 3%.

c) Based on the plan you devised in part b determne the probability of still accepting if in reality the line is turning out 15% deffectives.

Reference no: EM1394853

Find confidence interval for population mean-annual growth

Find a 90% confidence interval for the population mean of annual growth (of those trees with an initial size of 2.41-2.60 centimeters).

Determining regression line and chi square

David Gallano, a wine merchant, has collected opinions on grape wine quality from a sample of his customers. These customers tasted wine made from grapes grown in three regi

Describe the variable of interest

What is the population of interest?- What is the sample?- Describe the variable of interest.- Write a probability question and a statistics question involving this population

Information about monte carlo simulation

Suppose we have a ""black box" which on command can generate the value of a gamma random variable with parameters 1.5 and 1. Explain how we can use this black box to approxi

Explanation to expected return

Assume the risk-free interest is 5%. If WT borrows $100 million today at this rate and uses the proceeds to pay an immediate cash dividend, what will be the market value of

The loser pays the winner one dollar

Mr. Adams and Ms. Smith are betting on repeated flips of a coin. At the start of the game Mr. Adams has a dollars and Ms. Smith has b dollars, at each flip the loser pays th

How charge-life exceeding hundred minutes would be unusual

What is the probability that a single randomly sampled battery of this type lasts longer than 100 minutes. Does this suggest that a charge-life exceeding 100 minutes would b

What are the differences between pca

What are the differences between PCA, Regressin, Discriminant analysis , (K-means, hierarchicalmethods) and logisic regression(Bases in the goals and Variables (Y and Xi)


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