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Determine which system, socialist or capitalist, feudalism or mercantilism, works better? Explain your reasoning? Also, which type of business gives the owner(s) the highest protection and/or the most incentive to succeed?

Reference no: EM1375809

Explain why the ad curve has the slope

Explain why the AD curve has the slope you calculated as a result of the "wealth effect" and explain why the AS curve has the slope you calculated as a result of the "sticky p

What is the net present worth of the scaper-hauler

If a scaper-hauler that was purchased 8 years ago is sold today for $25,355, the payments for the piece of equipment were $38,355.67 per month, the owner derived an annual ben

Writing a cogent literary analysis of a poem

Kennedy and Gioia textbook provides some helpful pointers for reading poems, taking notes, brainstorming, developing a clearly-defined thesis statement, preparing an outline,

Demonstrate how you would plan for materials

Discuss the factors J.B. needs to consider when determining his capacity needs. Using at least five recipes for elaborate European-styled desserts, demonstrate how you would p

Sanjay likes his job so much that he would be willing to do

Gordon lists his old Lionel electric trains on eBay. He sets a minimum acceptable price, known as his reserve price, of $75. After five days of bidding, the final high bid is

How would explain logic of a potential short run trade-off

Assume that Bartavia is very close to the full employment level (resources are almost all fully employed in the economy) but the President of Bartavia is still worried about

What can be the value of using forecasting

What can be the value of using forecasting? How could you use forecasting in your industry or company in a way that's not currently being done? What decisions could be im

The federal reserve took policy measure to slow down

In 2000, the Federal Reserve took policy measure to slow down economy. this decision generated some controversy since the actual inflation rate was below 3%. Justify the Fed's


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