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A hospital marketing director at a very large hospital in an urban setting has several research projects to undertake this quarter. The hospital is continuing to expand its offerings in the metropolitan area and ensure a strong relationship with the top physicians in the community.

The 3 current projects that he is currently researching include the following: The hospital urology department wants to establish a sexual dysfunction clinic. The department head wants to get an estimate of the number of men ages 35 to 60 in the community suffering with some form of sexual dysfunction.

A primary care medical group is trying to determine whether patients are being greeted and serviced appropriately by the billing and admitting departments. An MCO is trying to determine what concerns physicians have in agreeing to become part of its panel of physicians who will treat its subscribers.

He has asked you to assist by developing a report analyzing how each of these 3 projects would help the hospital improve its relationship with the public.

Given that the projects would be presented to the hospital's Board of Trustees, the marketing director indicated that your report needs to include a critique of current literature (scholarly references) to support a position on each.

The body of the resultant report should be 5-7 pages and include at least 5 relevant peer-reviewed academic or professional references published within the past 5 years.

Reference no: EM132233988

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