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A survey was conducted two years ago asking college student their top motivations for using a credit card. To determine whether this distribution has changed, you randomly select 425 students and ask each one what the top motivation is for using a credit card. Can you conclude that there has been a chagne in the claimed or expected distribution? Use a =0.025.

Reference no: EM13136758

Analyze samples-power analysis-design sensitivity

Assume that the result is a sample size beyond what you can obtain. Use the compromise function to compute alpha and beta for a sample half the size. Indicate the resulting

What percentage of architects have z scores above value

What percentage of architects have Z scores (a) above .10, (b) below .10, (c) above .20, (d) below .20, (e) above 1.10, (f) below 1.10, (g) above -.10, and (h) below -.10?

Investigators followed a population

Investigators followed a population of 2,000 women aged over 65 years who did not have osteoporosis, over a 10-year period and measured the number of cases of osteoporosis dia

Do you think pressure increases mean bleeding time and why

No pressure was used for the controls, and their bleeding time was found to have a mean of 1.524 minutes and a standard deviation of .614min. Give a 95% confidence interval

Anova for factorial experiments

The data are number of trials to learn to go left at the first turn in a maze for each of their 20 rats. Answer each of the four questions and don't forget to include a verb

Explain analysis and type of sampling in study

What type of sampling was this study? What is your analysis of this approach? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Standard normal distribution of getting values

In a standard normal dist. what is the prob. of getting a value less than 1.63? How about between 1.13 and 1.86? How about greater than .58?

In which year the ages show more dispersed distribution

Using Coefficient of Variation determine in which year do the ages show a more dispersed distribution? Show your complete work and support your answer.


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