Determine the velocity of the ball relative to the fielder

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A batter hits the baseball A with an initial velocity of v0 = 103 ft/sec directly toward fielder B at an angle of 34° to the horizontal; the initial position of the ball is 2.0 ft above ground level. Fielder B requires 0.43 sec to judge where the ball should be caught and begins moving to that position with constant speed. Because of great experience, fielder B chooses his running speed so that he arrives at the “catch position” simultaneously with the baseball. The catch position is the field location at which the ball altitude is 7.3 ft. determine the velocity of the ball relative to the fielder at the instant the catch is made.

Reference no: EM13705917

A voltage signal is produced by a transducer

A voltage signal is produced by a transducer.  The signal contains its strongest frequency component at 50 Hz (amplitude = 5.0 V), plus a weaker component at the second harmon

What are the solutions for d1 and i1

An antenna operates at a wavelength of 2 m and is designed with an impedance of 75 Ω. However, because of mistakes in design, the antenna is badly mismatched. The measured i

Determine the time required by a diesel-electric locomotive

Determine the time required by a diesel-electric locomotive, which produces a constant drawbar pull of 60,000 lb, to increase the speed of an 1800 ton freight train from 20 mi

What is the bulk modulus k for the aluminum

It is also known that the normal strains in the x and y directions are x= 713.8 × 10-6 (elongation) and y = - 502.3 × 10-6 (shortening). What is the bulk modulus K for the a

Determine the temperature of the air at the exit

Air enters a pipe at 25 Celsius, 100 kPa at a flow rate of 36 m3/hr. A heater on the outside of the pipe draws 8 amps at a voltage of 120 V. All the heat from the heater is tr

Relative humidity and temperature

Air at 308C, 1 bar, 50% relative humidity enters an insulated chamber operating at steady state with a mass flow rate of 3 kg/min and mixes with a saturated moist air stream

Why grain growth behaviour was different between two powder

During sintering of the powders a fine powder compact showed abnormal grain growth while a coarse powder compact showed normal grain growth. Explain why the grain growth beh

Liquid petroleum gas to fuel spark-ignition engines

It is proposed to use Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) to fuel spark-ignition engines. A typical sample of the fuel on a volume basis consists of: 70% propane C3H8; 5% butane C4H10;


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