Determine the value of po

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Determine the value of Po, as a funciton of H, for these two investment alternatives to be equivalent at an interest rate of i=15% per year.

Reference no: EM1383496

Determine the tension in each of the cables at a time when

A long trough is supported by a hinge along its lower edge and a series of horizontal cables attached to its upper edge. Determine the tension in each of the cables, at a time

Required to dewater a construction site

It is required to dewater a construction site 80 m by 80 m. The bottom of the construction will be 1.5 m below the initial water surface elevation of 90 m.

Friction between the floor and the base of the ladder

Modify function random0 so that it can accept 0, 1, or 2 calling arguments. If it has no calling arguments, it should return a single random value. If it has 1 or 2 calling ar

Find pressure at the forward and rear corners along bottom

A closed box with horizontal base 6m x 6m and height of 2m is half-filled with water and is accelerated Ax=4.9 m/sec^2 and Ay=-2.4 m/sec. find the pressure at the forward an

Find the centroid for the cone

A single-scoop ice cream cone is a composite body made from a single scoop of ice cream placed into a cone. Assume that the scoop of ice cream is a sphere with radius = 3.36cm

Determine the force in member dg of the compound truss

Determine the force in member DG of the compound truss. The joints all lie on radial lines subtending angles of 15° as indicated, and the curved members act as two-force mem

Determine the shortest stopping distance for each moment

Test reveal that a normal driver takes about 0.75s before he can react to a situation to avoid a collision. It takes about 3 seconds for a drunk driver to do the same. If su

Determine the average penetration of the pile

The design capacity of a steel pile is 250 kN. The pile is driven by a steam hammer with a manufacturer's hammer energy rating of 36 kN • m. Determine the average penetratio


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