Determine the upper and lower control limits for a p-chart

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Metropolitan University conducts course assessment each year to monitor the proportion of students who do not meet the minimum passing score on a comprehensive exam given at the end of the students’ academic program. The results are used as an improvement tool. The passing score is 70%. On average 200 students take the assessment exam each semester. The table below shows the number of students who passed the assessment exam during the last 10 semesters: Semester # of students who passed 1 180 2 185 3 175 4 190 5 192 6 190 7 188 8 178 9 200 10 194 a. Determine the upper and lower control limits for a p-chart. b. Is the process in control? c. Suppose two new assessment exams were taken most recent academic year, and 160 and 170 students passed each semester. Is the process in control?

Reference no: EM131037466

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Mikey W. Smitty is confident that demand for his “Western Rap” CD will substantially exceed the breakeven point computed in Problem 6-3. So, Mikey is contemplating having his


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