Determine the true coefficient of discharge in the weir

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A rectangular channel carries a discharge of 2.00 m3/sec per meter of channel width over a weir crest that is 1.4 m in height. The energy grade line upstream of the weir measure 2.7 m above the channel bottom. Determine the true coefficient of discharge in the weir equation, considering the energy losses. Also determine the amount of the energy losses in meters.

Reference no: EM13555203

What would scientist expect the barometer reading to be

A scientist plans to build a water barometer. When the atmospheric pressure is 990 mb abs and the water temperature is 70 degrees Celsius, what would you expect the baromete

Reduce partial differential equation to algebraic equation

Solve equation (10.59) for a constant normal load on the earth's surface using a combination of Laplace and Fourier transforms to reduce the partial differential equation to

Show the cycle on a t-s diagram with respect to saturation

Show the cycle on a T-s diagram with respect to saturation lines, and determine (a) the power input to the compressor, (b) the rate of heat removal from the refrigerated spa

Explain how to calculate the mass flowrate in methane

Assuming the resulting hole acts like an isentropic converging nozzle with a throat diameter of 0.08 cm, calculate the mass flowrate in kg/s of methane that initially escape

What are the stream function and velocity potential

Consider two vortices of equal strength K = +1 located at (-2,) and (+2, 0). Estimate how far away the effect of the vortices is perceived to be that of an unique vortex. Wh

What is the modulus of elasticity at the beginning and end

One cubic meter of nitrogen at40oC and 340 kPa iscompressed isoentropically to 0.2 m3. Calculate the finalpressure and temperature when the nitrogen is reduced to that volume.

What are the flow through velocity and hydraulic retention

If the sedimentation basin in problem 1 (ignore the floc basin for this problem) receives a flow of 1400 gallons per minute, and has a depth of 10 feet, what are the length an

What is the potential theoretical oxygen demand associated

A Waste water has been characterized for nitrogen-containing compounds and the TN was 26 mg N/L, the TKN was 14 mg N/L and nitrate was 27.3 mg NO3-/L. What is the potential


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