Determine the temperature of the air at the exit

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Air enters a pipe at 25 Celsius, 100 kPa at a flow rate of 36 m3/hr. A heater on the outside of the pipe draws 8 amps at a voltage of 120 V. All the heat from the heater is transferred to the air (well insulated and wall t is small). Assuming that the air behaves as an ideal gas and ignoring KE and PE, (a) determine the mass flow rate of the air in kg/s and (b) the temperature of the air at the exit.

Reference no: EM13710303

Determine the final volume and the final pressure

A cylinder fitted with a piston contains air at 1 Mpa pressure and 300 C temperature, at which point the volume is 0.2^3. The total external force acting on the piston is prop

Size the motor for this shredder

A shredder is to reduce the particle size of 80% passing 10 cm to 80% passing 2 cm at a solids flow rate of 10 tonnes (10,000 kg) per hour. Size the motor for this shredder.

Volumetric analysis of a mixture of a mixture of gases

The volumetric analysis of a mixture of a mixture of gases is 30 percent oxygen, 40 percent nitrogen 10 percent dioxide, 20 percent methane. This mixture flows through a 1-in-

Determine the heat fluxes through the walls-roof and door

The concrete walls and roof of a garage are 15-cm thick. The inside dimensions of the garage are 8-m long, 6-m wide, and 2.5-m high. The door is made of 12-mm thick hardwood a

Determine the required thickness of the insulation

If the pipe is to be insulated with glass wool insulation (k=.05 W/m C) in order to decrease the temperature rise of water to .25 degrees C, determine the required thickness

Determine the velocity and acceleration of the bucket

When the gear rotates 20 revolutions, it achieves an angular velocity of v = 30 rad>s, starting from rest. Determine its constant angular acceleration and the time required.

Determine a set of qd flux linkage equations that are rotor

Where θr is the electrical rotor position Determine a set of qd flux linkage equations that are rotor position invariant. To do this, you will need to establish a suitable r

What is the effective length of the bolt

Define prying action? Sketch an alternative joint diagram showing the effects of prying action Name at least two things the joint designer can do to reduce prying action?


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