Determine the task duration assigned to each team member

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As a project manager you are required to determine the task duration assigned to each team member. In your estimation, what would be the various advantages or disadvantages of asking for three time estimates for every activity in the project rather than just one time estimate for each individual activity? If possible, use examples from your real life experience as a project manager or project team member.

Reference no: EM131181145

Which activities would be cost effective to accelerate

As a project manager you have a project that may be accelerated by added revenue. However, each activity has its own individual acceleration cost. Based on what we have learne

Arose from requirements change after project initiation

From your experience or reading, select an example of an issue that arose from a requirements change after project initiation. How was it handled? Did it create issues with th

Productivity is important indicator of country development

Productivity is an important indicator of a country’s development. Canada, and indeed much of the world, has been described as a knowledge society. How does this label affect

Which new technology is created and adapted

Changing technology has, for centuries, eliminated the need for certain products and services and created the need for new products and services. What is new, today, however,

How cultures and different management practices

Offer an example or two of how cultures and different management practices outside the United States affect the use and effectiveness of a standard Organizational Development

Project manager and functional manager on variety of project

Manager A is a department manager with thirty years of experience in the company. For the last several years, he has worn two hats and acted as both project manager and functi

Characteristics of the best sales organizations

According to research, the characteristics of the best sales organizations are: Create a customer-driven culture throughout the sales organization and firm. Recruit and hire t

Recommend specific strategies and long term objectives

Answer the following questions by doing research these are strategic management case study questions. Recommend specific strategies and long term objectives for Walmart. Show


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