Determine the simple rate of return on the investment

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The management of Moya Corporation is investigating purchasing equipment that would cost $336,000 and have an 8 year life with no salvage value. The equipment would allow an expansion of capacity that would increase sales revenues by $288,000 per year and cash operating expenses by $164,000 per year.


Determine the simple rate of return on the investment to the nearest tenth of a percent. Show your work!

Reference no: EM131146291

Prepare a flow chart of a typical job order system

Dieker Company begins operations on January 1. Because all work is done to customer specifications, the company decides to use a job order cost system. Prepare a flow chart

How should retailers plan the process of opening

How should retailers plan the process of opening the doors and getting excited customers through checkout? What capacity planning approaches should retailers use for Black F

Production planning-product selection

A petrochemical factory produces 3 products (P1, P2, P3), and it sells them at the prices of table 1. The factory can only get a 5,000 units of benzene (at $0.5 per unit), 20,

Describe the political and legal systems

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty pol

Profit maximization theory of corporate objectives

Devron and Maxwell, investors in the Grand Corporation, are dissatisfied with their profit maximization theory of corporate objectives. These investors and others who look bey

How similar to hitler or fdr in their communication style

Do you think communication is more important to leaders now thanit was in Hitler's and FDR's time? Explain why you think so or whyyou disagree. Who is a more current charism

Changing economic and manufacturing environment of china

For this Discussion, your are required to identify and review any article or journal dealing with why companies are no longer finding China a particularly attractive place tod

Future and consider possible trends in society-echnology

Look into the future and consider possible trends in society, technology, economics, environmentalism, and politics that could influence Proctor and Gamble. Be sure to look be


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