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Determine the sample size needed to obtain an estimate of µ if the margin of error E = 0.11, σ = 0.95, and the confidence level is 99% (use z0.005 = 2.57).

Alternatively, To obtain z from a graphing calculator, we use the formula z = invNorm(1 - α/2, µσ) where µ is the mean and σ is the standard deviation of the normal distribution. For the standard normal distribution µ = 0 and σ = 1. Recall that in general z = invNorm("area to left of z", µσ).

It is given that E = 0.11 and σ = 0.95.

(a) Find α for 99% confidence level.

α = 

(b) Find 1 - α/2.

1 - α/2 = 

(c) Find zα/2 for a 99% confidence level.

zα/2 =

Reference no: EM132184465

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