Determine the position a of roller support b

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Determine the position a of roller support B in terms of L so that deflection at end C is the same as the maximum deflection of region AB of the overhang beam. EI is constant.


Reference no: EM131152448

Determine the torsional buckling stress

determine the torsional buckling stress for the compression member if the length is 4m and cross section is the form shown. the ends are restrained such that there are not f

Find how much does the student owe at the interest rate

The compound interest formula is F=P(1+i)n where F is the total amount due, P is the initial cost or amount of money, i is the interest rate, and n is the number of periods

What would side slope of cut be if catch point is located

A backsight reading of 2.56 was obtained with rod at A and a foresight reading of 7.45 was obtained with the rod at the trial point B. If B is located 37.00 feet from the c

How to modify the public and private member variables

If the heading of a member function of a class ends with the word const, then the function members cannot modify the private member variables, but can modify the public memb

How long will take for consolidation of similar clay layer

For a given load increment, the time for 50% consolidation was 5 min 20 sec. How long will it take for 50 % consolidation of a similar clay layer in the field that is 8.2 ft

Calculate the axial forces in members bd and cd

Determine whether or not the truss structure is statically determinate, giving your reasoning. Identify which members in the truss are in tension and which are in compression.

Calculate the chohesion of the clay in the natural

A vane, 10 cm long and 8 cm in diameter, was pressed into soft clay at the bottom of a bore hole. Torque was applied and gradually increased 45 N-m when failure took place. Su

Determine the speed before the plunger strikes the stop

If the arm is pulled back such that s= 100 mm and released, determine the speed of the 0.41-kg pinball B just before the plunger strikes the stop, i.e., s= 0. Assume all sur


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