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In guinea pigs. dark coat color (C) is dominant over albino (c),and short hair (S) is dominant over long hair (s). The genes forthese two traits show independent assortment. By evaluating thepossible crosses, determine the most probable genotypes for the parents of each of these seven crosses (ag):

                                                   Offspring phenotypes
Parental phenotypes     Short Dark Long Dark Short Albino LongAlbino

a) dark short × darkshort                89            31                    29                 11
b) dark short × darklong                 18            19                     0                    0

                                                   Short Dark     LongDark    Short Albino Long Albino
c) dark short × albinoshort             20               0                    21                   0
d) albino short × albinoshort           0                0                    28                   9
e) dark long × darklong                   0                32                   0                   10
f) dark short × darkshort                 46              16                    0                    0
g) dark short × darklong                 29              31   9                   11

Reference no: EM13533474

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