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1. Using your target marketing scenario below, determine the most effective segmentation method and explain why.

2. Describe the market segmentation strategy and determine the cohort groups that make up your target market.

3. Describe the ways in which your business practices are affected by the segmentation strategies you’ve chosen.

What are the priorities held by your target market and what is your assessment of your customers’ expectations of your company?

Include tables and illustrations to clarify your points.

Target Marketing

Mental Health Crisis Center is a short-term independent transitional living facility. Our client base will be those individuals discharged from inpatient facilities found in the greater San Diego County area.

The Center will offer adults aged 18-65 with acute psychological transitional services from inpatient to independent living that will be provided for three (3) days, with extensions allowed upon request and as recommended by the staff based on the needs of the individual for up to two weeks.

The Center is dedicated to treating, educating, and rehabilitating our residents who have mental health issues and possible concurrent substance abuse use. Our professional staff will provide supervised assistance with taking medications, intensive psychotherapeutic services, and referrals for residential as well as support services both legal and psychological upon discharge.

Reference no: EM131231216

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