Determine the mass flow rate through the nozzle

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Air enters a nozzle steadily at 2.21 kg/m^3 and 30 m/s and leaves at 0.762 kg/m^3 and 180 m/s. If the inlet area of the nozzle is 80 cm^2 determine a) The mass flow rate through the nozzle and b) The exit area of the nozzle.

Reference no: EM13710274

Design and draw a circuit using the cascade system

How an electronic controller could be included in the circuit to control the sequence of cylinderoperations - State the sequence in which the cylinders operate on the operatio

Determine the required heat transfer area

If this exchanger is used to cool this same oil entering the exchanger at 210°F at a rate of 225 lbm/hr, what is the exit temperature of the oil if the water inlet temperatu

What is his quarterly payment

Bill borrowed $10,000 to be repaid in quarterly instalments over the next 5 years. The interest rate he is being charged is 10.26% per year compounded quarterly. What is his q

Calculate the concentration of vacancies in pb

Calculate the concentration of vacancies in Pb at its melting temperature of 327oC. Assume an energy for vacancy formation of 0.55 eV/atom. Lead has an atomic weight of 207.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these two design

In some other types of (direct-drive) manipulators, joint motors are located at the joints themselves, the rotor being on one link and the stator being on the joining link.

Estimate the power required to accelerate this ski

A ski lift has a one-way length of 1 km and a vertical rise of 200 m. The chairs are spaced 20 m apart, and each chair can seat three people. The lift is operating at a stea

What is the characteristic size of the feed of the project

Draw and label typical product particle-size distribution curves for each of the following. i. The feed becomes wetter (higher moisture content) ii. The shredder is run at a

Determine the single block transfer function with vr and ql

Draw the block diagram for this system showing all necessary transfer functions. Determine the single block transfer function with Vr and QL in the input function and P as the


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