Determine the least squares regression equation line

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McDonald's Corporation has reported the following values for total revenues and net income during the 1998 to 2005 period. All data are in billions of dollars:

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Determine the least-squares regression equation line for estimating net income and interpret its slope. For a year in which total revenues are $18.0 billion, estimate the net income for that year.

Reference no: EM131409294

Strong negative relationship-pf income and mental illness

Draw a scatterplot indicating a strong negative relationship between the variables pf income and mental illness. Be sure to label the axes correctly.

What is the probability he encounters no dogs

A census by the county dog control officer found that 18% of homes kept one dog as a pet, 4% had two dogs, and 1% had three or more. If a salesman visits two homes selected

Difference in variation and significance levels

Arbitron Media Research Inc, conducted a study of the radio listening habits of men and women. One facet of the study involved the mean listening time. It was discovered tha

How large a sample is necessary for confident of results

A recent poll of 700 people who work indoors found that 278 smoke. If the researchers want to be 98% confident of their results to within 3.5 percentage points, how large a

Interpret the value of mean of poisson dictribution

Suppose the number of tickets written per day follows a Poisson dictribution with mean of 6.5 tickets per day. Interpret the value of the mean.

Find the probability that it is one of the times

Baseball player Mark McGwire broke a record when he hit 70 home runs in the 1998 season. During that season, he was at bat 509 times. If one of those "at bats" is randomly s

Find probability that three cartons contain unbroken eggs

Suppose the probability that a carton of eggs will contain at least one broken egg is 1/3. use a simulation of 20 trials to find the probability that the next three cartons

Probability of error in the transmission of a binary digit

The probability of error in the transmission of a binary digit over a communication [2] channel is 1=103. Write an expression for the exact probability of more than 3 errors


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