Determine the form of payment which the court specifies

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Suppose Jonah and Carlos have a contract, which Carlos chooses to breach. Jonah sues, and a court orders Carlos to pay him the amount he expected to gain at the time they made the contract, net of any amount he actually did receive after the breach. The form of payment which the court specifies.

Reference no: EM13206950

Find all nash equilibria to the game below

The Row player and the Column player in the game below each have two pure strategies: SAFE or RISKY (call them S and R). Answer the following regarding this game. (a) Find al

Reductions in aggregate demand that induce recessions

Why do you suppose that the U.S. price level decreased over a 12-month interval through the 2008-2009 recessions? On the basis of Figure 11-13, are jumps in the VIX index alwa

Which the buyer will choose to have a contract written

A buyer of a product knows that 20 percent of sellers are dishonest and will sell a defective product (if they can get away with it). The seller has to pay $15 to buy the prod

Domestic rate of inflation is equal to domestic money supply

1. Consider two countries, Japan and Korea. Suppose the Bank of Japan allows the money supply to grow by 1% each year, whereas the Bank of Korea maintains relatively high mone

What best or optimal level of emission reduction would be

In your answer, explain the costs and the benefits of the production and consumption of the good, as well as the negative externality. How would you decide what the best or

Economic profit is difference between firms total revenue

Economic profit is the difference between a firm's total revenue and its. What is the difference in profit maximization between the perfect competitor and all other types of f

Output decisions faced by firms

Assignment you will do a significant portion of work in MS Excel and import it into an MS Word document for submission. You will use the data below to address Price and Output

Determine whether the market disappears completely

Suppose that in the Akerlof example, there are only eight cars ranging in quality from 1/4 to 2 ( there is no complete lemon). Hence, the mean quality level is 1.25. Determi


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