Determine the end area graphically by counting squares

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Prepare a computational program that computes the end-areas in Problem 26.20.

Problem 26.20:

For the data of Problem 26.19, calculate slope intercepts and determine the end area by the coordinate method.

Problem 26.19:

From the following excerpt of field notes, plot the cross section on graph paper and superimpose on it a design template for a 40-ft-wide level roadbed with cut slopes of 3:1 and a subgrade elevation of 1239.50 ft. Determine the end area graphically by counting squares.


Reference no: EM131143485

Determine the initial and final temperatures

Determine (a) the initial and final temperatures, (b) the mass of liquid water when the piston first starts moving, and (c) the work done during this process. Also, show the

Determining the dry volume

A saturated sample of clay with an sl 20 has a natural water content of 32%. What would its dry volume be as a percentage of its original volume of Gs.= 2.67.

Estimate the assembly efficiency for each design

Include factors such as anisotropy of the rolled sheet, its surface texture, the bend directions, the nature of the sheared edges, and the way the handle is snapped in for a

Estimate the compression and recompression indices

Based on experience, the geotechnical engineer estimated the coefficient of consolidation at 8 m2 per year. To limit settlement, a 4-m-high embankment will be constructed as

Factors of safety against sliding and against overturning

Determine the factors of safety against sliding and against overturning, and also the soil pressure at the heel and toe. Assume hydrostatic uplift varies uniformly from full

Draw a dimensional plan and section of the proposed stair

Design an R.C.C. stair located in a stair-case hall measuring 2.5 m x 5.5 m. The vertical distance between the floors is 4 m. Draw a dimensional plan and section of the prop

Determine the allowable length of the penstock

The bracket ABC can be supported in the eight different ways shown. All connections consist of smooth pins,rollers, or short links. For each case, answer the questions listed

What is the factor of safety for the footings against

Footings for a structure are to be built beneath a basement slab on a clay at a depth of 20 ft. below present ground level. Representative consolidation tests on the soil prod


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