Determine the deflection of the center of the beams

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Two simply supported beams are coupled so their centers have equal deflections. The upper beam has length L1 and lower beam has length L2. Determine the deflection of the center of the beams.

Reference no: EM13317003

What will be the porosity of the mixture

You are furnished with three sizes of particles. One is gravel with porosity of 0.32, the second is a coarse grained sand with porosity of 0.37, and the third is a fine graine

Show why the overall code is uniquely decodable

By considering a string of 1020 binary symbols into the encoder, show that the number of occurrences of b per input symbol is, with very high probability, very close to 0.1.

Determine void ratio-porosity and moisture content of soil

A container containing saturated soils weighs 113.27 g before being placed in an oven and 100.06 g after drying remains in the same container overnight. The empty container

Determine the factor of safety with respect to shear failure

A footing 3m X 3m carries a pressure of 500 kN/ m2 at a depth of 1m in a sand substrate. The saturated unit weight of the sand is 20 kN/ m3 and the unit weight above the water

What engineering parameter must the joint surfaces possess

The roadway is to be widened which will require a slope face cut at a steeper angle. Assume zero cohesion along the joints. What engineering parameter must the joint surface

What is the water depth 300 m upstream from the outfall

A horizontal rectangular concrete channel terminates in a free outfall. The channel is 4m wide and carries a discharge of water 12 cms. What is the water depth 300 m upstrea

Determine the force at the circular endcap of the pipe

Determine the force at the circular endcap and its location relative to the bottom of the pipe. If there is a hinge at the bottom, what external force would need to be appli

Determine the acceleration of an air particle on the x-axis

The velocity of flow toward the sphere along the longitudinal axis is found to be u = - U0 (I - r~/_xl), where r0 is the radius of the sphere and x the distance from its cen


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