Determine standardized test statistic z-corresponding area

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Random sample of 90 eighth grade students' scores on the national mathematics assessment test has mean score of 284 with standard deviation of 35. This test result prompts state school administrator to declare that mean score for state's eighth graders on this exam is more than 280. At mean = 0.14, is there adequate evidence to support administrator's claim.

Determine standardized test statistic z and its corresponding area. If convenient use technology. z=( ) round to two decimals. Area= ( ). round to four decimals.

Determine the P-value. If convenient, use technology. P-value = ( ) round to four decimal places as needed.

Make decision whether to reject or fail to reject null hypothesis. Reject Ho or Fail to reject Ho ( ).

Reference no: EM13112089

Lowest possible score a student needs to qualify

Given that SAT test scores are normally distributed with a mean of 1000 and a standard deviation of 200, what is the lowest possible score a student needs to qualify for acc

Calculate the prevalence to a rate per 1,000

Calculate the incidence rate of hypertension in the cohort with and without an actuarial adjustment. Did the actuarial adjustment make a difference? Explain your answer.

Construct a normal probability plot and a dotplot

A sample of 15 female collegiate golfers was selected and the clubhead velocity (km/hr) while swinging a driver was determined for each one, resulting in the following data

Find the mean and median and modes of given data

n article by Julia Moskin in the New York Times reports on the use of cheap wine in cooking.- Find the mean, median, and modes of these data. Based on these data alone, do you

Compute standard deviation of egg weights

7% of his eggs are underweight, and that 14% weigh over 72 grams. If a normal model is appropriate, what would the standard deviation of his egg weights be?

Exponential distribution-expected value

The port of Trop can service only 1 ship at a time. However, there is mooring space for 3 more ships. Trop is a favorite port of call, but, if no mooring space is available

Level curves or the corner-point method

You may employ either the level curves or the corner-point method. The graph may be sketched using the drawing tools in Excel as per the video demonstration on the multimedi

Construct a multiple regression model

Given the data in the Excel file, Property Values, construct a multiple regression model with VALUE-2 YEARS as the dependent variable and the YEAR BUILT AND THE HOME SQUARE


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