Determine standardized test statistic z-corresponding area

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Random sample of 90 eighth grade students' scores on the national mathematics assessment test has mean score of 284 with standard deviation of 35. This test result prompts state school administrator to declare that mean score for state's eighth graders on this exam is more than 280. At mean = 0.14, is there adequate evidence to support administrator's claim.

Determine standardized test statistic z and its corresponding area. If convenient use technology. z=( ) round to two decimals. Area= ( ). round to four decimals.

Determine the P-value. If convenient, use technology. P-value = ( ) round to four decimal places as needed.

Make decision whether to reject or fail to reject null hypothesis. Reject Ho or Fail to reject Ho ( ).

Reference no: EM13112089

What is the probability that one car chosen

What is the probability that ONE car chosen at random will have -less than 35.5 tons of coal - what is the probability that 20 cars chosen at random will have a mean load weig

Draw a picture of the sampling distribution of h

Draw a picture of the sampling distribution of H, the highest number each day, and compare it to the equivalent picture for the Cash 5 game, shown in Figure. Do you expect t

Discuss the effect of management

In consideration of M&D Chemicals, discuss the effect of management's requiring total production of 500 gallons for the two products. List three actions M&D should consider

The multiple regression model relating life to viscosity

b. When viscosity is 30, what is the change in mean life associated with an increase of 1 in load? When viscosity is 40, what is the change in mean life associated with an

Random sample of gasoline prices

From a random sample of 48 days in a recent year, U.S. gasoline prices had a mean of $2.34 (wow - that's old data!) and a standard deviation of $0.32. Construct the 90% and

Find degree of confidence interval for population mean

Based on these results, a confidence interval for the population mean is found to be u = 5.7 PLUS OR MINUS 4.4. Find the degree of confidence.

Question regarding the income effect dominates

Make two clearly labeled diagrams showing how reducing a worker's wage affects the hours s/he is willing to work: one in which the income effect dominates, and the other in

Mean-median-mode-sample standard deviation

Enter the data and use the appropriate commands to find the mean, median, mode, sample standard deviation, population standard deviation, 10% trimmed mean, and data count.


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