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Ethyl acetate is made from acetic acid and ethyl alcohol. Let x = pounds of acetic acid input, y=pounds of ethyl acohol input, and z = pounds of ethyl acetate output. The relationship of output to input is: z^2/(1.47x - z)(1.91y - z) = 3.9.

(a) determine the output of ethyl acetate per pound of acetic acid, where the ratio of acetic acid of ethyl alcohol is 2.0, 1.0, and 0.67, and graph the results.

(b) graph the cost of material per pound of ethyl acetate for each of the ratios given and determine the ratio for which the material cost per pound of ethyl acetate is a minimum if acetic acid costs $0.80 per pound and ethyl alcohol costs $0.92 per pound.

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