Determine how will the flow divide into pipeline branches

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A 24-inch pipeline branches into a 12-inch and an 18-inch pipe, each of which is 1 mile long, and they re-join back into a 24-inch pipe. If the flow rate is 30 CFS in the main pipe, how will the flow divide, assuming that f = 0.018 for both branches?

Reference no: EM13317739

Define which needs to be shafts minimum diameter

Assuming that the soil layers continue much beyond 60 feet in a similar pattern (obviously no landfill) in terms of friction and bearing capacities, recommend two different

Calculate the gradient under which the flow is occurring

The relative density of a sloped sand deposit is known to be 75%. Water is observed to be seeped through this slope at a rate such that the discharge velocity is 0.6 m/day.

Determine the minimum required wire diameter of safety 5

A large steel tower is to be supported by a series of steel wires; it is estimated that the load on each wire will be 19,000N. Determine the minimum required wire diameter a

Determine annual emission rate of no2 leaving control device

Flue gas containing NO2is then treated by an air pollution control equipment with 85% efficiency. Determine the annual emission rate of NO2 leaving the air pollution control

How many tubes will the calandria require to concentrate

Sodium hydroxide solution is to be concentrated from 10% to 30% by weight using a single effect evaporator operating at atmospheric pressure, The liquid circulates through a

Calculate the monthly mass emission rate to the atmosphere

each month the splendid dry cleaning company buys one barrel ( 42 gal., 0.160 m^3) of tetrachloroethylene (C2Cl4) (M.W.= 166, p= 1.594 g/cm^3) ninety percent of the fluid is

Project - construction of carbon revolution building

Project: Construction of Carbon Revolution Building. You are members of the Capital Projects Team of Facility Services Department at Deakin University who are assigned to und

Determine what will be the cost of labor in dollars

Labor of this activity is given as in the CREW, 1 brick mason and 1 helper. The productivity is 0.5 labor hours per 1 sf. The wages are for the mason $60 and for the helper


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