Determine an implementation strategy for your product

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Write a paper of no more than 1,750 words that covers the implementation strategy for your product.

Explain the method you plan to use for standardizing your product globally.

Address and include the following areas of discussion in your paper:

• Identify the factors influencing local and foreign buyer behavior.

• Determine an implementation strategy for your product and organization.

• Explain the difficulties that might be encountered when trying to research and understand local buyer behavior.

• Discuss which models of consumer behavior might be used to examine buyers in local markets and the importance of considering cultural elements to apply these models effectively.

• Describe the difference between localization, adaptation, and standardization of a global product or service.

• Discuss the key factors that drive a successful globalization of a new product into a foreign market.

• Discuss the pros and cons of standardization.

• Explain methods of integrating a global brand to both local and foreign markets.

• Explain the role of data analysis, local subsidiary input, and managerial judgment in developing a globally standardized product.

Reference no: EM131001598

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