Determine allowable moment about the horizontal neutral axis

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Determine the allowable moment about the horizontal neutral axis that a timber beam with nominal size 50 X 100 can resist without exceeding the allowable stress of 10 MPa. The dressed size is 38.1 X 88.9 mm, I = 0.00000223m^4, and S = 0.0000502 m^3.

Reference no: EM13320580

Calculate the maximum deflection of the beam

A 30" beam with a cross section of 1" wide and 2" tall is supported by a pin at point A on its left end, and a roller at point B on its right end. A 300 lb force is exerted 10

What will be the decrease in the volume of the block

what will be the decrease in the longest side of the block, assuming that the material remains within the linear elastic region? What will be the decrease in the volume of t

Determine the magnitude of the velocity of the collar

The undeformed length of the spring is l. Knowing that the collar is released from rest at x = and neglecting friction between the collar and the horizontal rod, determine t

How to formulate a linear programming optimization model

A construction company requires to know how much of additives A and B to use to prepare concrete to be used in a freezing environment (northern location). The concrete mix s

Determine speed of block after it has compressed the spring

a 20 kg block slides along the rough surface for which the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.2. The block strikes a nonlinear spring with a speed of v=4.5 m/s. The spring

Tabulate data to be plotted and show method of computation

Given this 10-yr record of annual precipitation in inches (28,21,33,26,29,27,19,28,18,22), plot a rough precipitation frequency curve. Tabulate the data to be plotted and sh

What will be the discharge through the pipe

A pump having the characteristics given in figure 14.9 ( N=2133.5 rpm, n=35.6 rps, D=37.1 cm) pumps water at 25 degree C from a reservoir at an elevation of 366 m to a reservo

Calculate the density of the unknown gas

A closed tank having a volume of 1.0 ft3 is filled with 0.15 lb of a gas. A pressure gage attached to the tank reads 12 psi when the gas temperature is 80? F. There is some qu


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