Determine a composite scs runoff curve number for basin

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determine a composite scs runoff curve number for a 600acre basin that is totally within soil group C. the land use is 40% contoured row crops in poor hydrologic condition. 60% native pasture in fair hydrologic condition. And then estimate the amount of runoff if the direct rainfall is 20cm

Reference no: EM13306508

Find how many dimensionless parameters govern the problem

The flowrate Q over a rectangular sharp crested weir depends on the width of the notch b, the head on the weir H, and the acceleration due to gravity g. Find how many dimens

The heated water outflow from a nuclear power plant

The heated water outflow from a nuclear power plant is cooled in a 50-m wide rectangular channel that has a discharge, Q = 225.0 m3/s. The Manning’s n is 0.015 and the bed slo

Length of the curve-elevation of the curve at station

A vertical curve is to connect two tangents that intersect at station 50+00 and the elevation 500.00ft. The back tangent gradient is -4 percent, the forward tangent gradient

Determine velocity of flow at the exit of the pipeline

For the remaining 15 m of its length, the diameter remains uniform at 200 mm. The height of water level in the tank is 5 m above the axis of the pipe. Determine the velocity

Calculate the expected production and unit cost of loading

A hydraulic shovel will be used to excavate sandy clay and load into a 12 BCY dump trucks. The shovel's production at a 100% efficiency is estimated to be 300 BCY/h. and effic

Determine elevation vs surface area relationship for vault

An underground storage vault is to be constructed to serve as a detention pond for a heavily urbanized area. The walls of the vault will be vertical, but the flow will be sl

Determine the normal depth in a trapezoidal channel

Determine the normal depth in a trapezoidal channel with a bottom width of 6.4 ft and side slopes of 1 vertical to 2 horizontal. The discharge is 85 ft3/s. Manning's roughne

What safety factor will be necessary to allow an extraction

A lead-zinc mine is to be developed by a room-and-pillar layout.  The mine is located at a depth of 500ft, the overlying rock has an average specific gravity of 2.56, and the


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