Detail the importance you place on ethics and management

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Describe in some detail the importance you place on ethics and management. Is it important? If yes, why? Is ethics training a futile process? If yes or no, why? Provide a web link to a company that in your opinion is approaching ethics and management in a positive and serious fashion. Make sure the link takes the reader directly to the page which describes how the company approaches ethics and any training required of managers, directors, or supervisors. Describe why you have chosen this particular company.

Reference no: EM131152599

Product and construct a materials and energy flow diagram

Choose one product and construct a materials and energy flow diagram, with minimal detail in the pre-manufacturing and manufacturing stages and enhanced detail in the product

What is the average time a machine is out of service

Benny's Arcade has six video game machines. The aver-age time between machine failures is 50 hours. Jimmy, the maintenance engineer, can repair a machine in 15 hours on averag

Caring for the injured-dead and distraught

While responding to a 3 alarm fire at an apartment complex, you become worried about the physical and emotional well-being of your crew. What can you do to prevent critical in

How can design be improved

In what ways does the service that you are thinking about exhibit characteristics that indicate that it is "well-designed", and in what ways could changes be made to make th

Improve performance and reduce human errors

You have been appointed to a Manufacturing/Operations Manager position. Your group consist of 120 operators, and 3 supervisors. The workforce is divided in 3 shifts (i.e. 6AM-

Wholesale distributor of novelty supplies

joseph is a wholesale distributor of novelty supplies. Steve operates a novelty supply store. On May 1, Joseph received a written order from Steve for 3000 miniature novelty c

Total transportation cost when transit privilege

Suppose a shipment of 25,000 lbs is originated from point I. An additional 15,000 lbs is to be combined with it at point J and both shipments are to be transported to point K.

Warehouse is trying to reduce environmental impact

A warehouse is trying to reduce their environmental impact by ensuring they ship orders in as few boxes as possible.   Use the first fit decreasing algorithm to pack items wit


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