Desire for power in western culture
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1. Landes seems to imply that the desire for power in Western culture is built into the ways in which we develop technology, and it is also built into our technologies themselves. Wajcman, on the other hand, attracts attention to discussions of power, which exclude technology, or limit themselves to social technologies. Would Landes' account of power satisfy the conditions set by Wajcman? How does power manifest iteself in the development of technology, beyond the obvious military technologies? Could we include the clock among the objects that exercise power?
2. Wajcman raises some interesting issues regarding gender and technology: the association of technology with masculinity, the role of women as consumers of technological products, and the new perspectives and opportunities that soft technologies, like computers, have opened for women. Among others, she refers to Donna Harraway, who first attracted attention on these possibilities. Why do the soft technologies open more opportunities for women? To what extent have to women embraced these opportunities?

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