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Consider the following given information:

Some instructors are professors, however others have job title TA Departments offer different courses, however a course may be offered by >1 department. Courses are taught by the instructors, who may teach up to three courses. Instructors are allocated to one (or more) departments. One instructor also serves a department chair. Design a detailed class diagram in order to represent the above information.

Reference no: EM1319521

Determining occurance as incident or disaster

Categorize the following occurrences as an incident or disaster. If an occurrence is a disaster, find whether or not business continuity plans would be called into play.

How might the concept of the theory of constraints

How might the concept of the Theory of Constraints (Goldratt) apply to turnaround consulting for ABC Company and Clients like them? Provide 2-3 each of leading metrics (KPIs

What type of auditing would be appropriate for a bank

Take your current information of Oracle Logs ect and project how a bank may make use of the integrity control mechanisms. This is more of a speculate than a cold hard fact q

Write down a test application named simpledatetest

design a class called SimpleDate that includes three instance variables - a month, a day and a year (all type int). Provide a constructor that initializes the three instance

What would be the best to alphabetize the list

select which of these three data structures you believe would be the best to alphabetize the list and then add and delete letters from the list while keeping it alphabetized

Listing all the visual basic looping

Listing all the visual basic looping and decision constructs that you think you would need to write a program that sorts the grades for you. DO NOT write the program, simply

The employee and the weekly pay amount

make a non-GUI based Java application that calculates weekly pay for an employee. The application should display text that requests the user input the name of the employee,

Implement an assembler for a hypothetical computer

You are required to implement an assembler for a hypothetical computer called TMIPS. Details regarding TMIPS are discusses at the end of the handout. You may choose a 1-pass


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