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Xhemrock is a brake pad manufacturing company. This company utilizes the raw materials, like carbon powder, ash, iron, and resin. It wishes to design an inventory management system which will have the following attributes:

1) The system must store the current inventory levels for several raw materials within the file.

2) If a carbon powder is less than 500 lbs, then system will check if orders are still pending on shop floor. If pending orders are for more than 5,000 brake pads, then someone must order 2,000 lbs of carbon powder; otherwise, someone should order for 1,000 lbs of carbon powder.

3) In the same manner, carry out the same check for other raw materials iron, ash, and resin.

4) List of all raw-material vendors is available with Xhemrock. The system must read and store vendor information and then, depending upon raw material that is to be ordered, print out purchase order for that raw material. The purchase order will consists of details of raw material like the quantity, name, total cost, and vendor address.

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