Design capacity refers to the maximum amount

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1. Design capacity refers to the maximum amount that a production facility can produce.

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2. The variable cost per unit is higher for job shop production than assembly line production.

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3. How well the product meets the design specifications is called the "quality of design."

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4. Quality of conformance will greatly affect the selling price of product in the marketplace.

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5. An 80% learning curve represents a higher learning rate than a 70% learning curve.

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6. In contrast to an "efficient supply chain", a "responsive supply chain" is designed for firms to compete primarily on new product introduction, fast delivery speed, customization, and high performance design quality.

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7. When using simple moving average forecasting model with a growth trend demand, the forecast will always lag behind the actual demand.

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8. Holding costs include costs for handling, insurance, theft, and cost of production set up.

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9. Compared to the basic EOQ model Q* = (2DS/H)½, the inclusion of a shortage cost into the model (as a part of holding cost) has the effect of making Q* larger.

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10.Increasing released orders is one important step to improve shop flow time performance.

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Reference no: EM13724839

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