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Program 1

Design and implement an application that reads an integer value representing a birthdate from the user. First get the month, then get the day and then finally the year from the user. The purpose of the program is to determine if what the person's astrological sign is.Once you display their sign, you should display the description of that particular sign.

Extend:Take this program and allow the user to continue adding new birthdates.You should also keep track of how many of each sign have been entered.

Program 2

Design and implement an application that produces a multiplication table, showing the results of multiplying the integers 1 through n by themselves.** Think n x n table of results.You will get the size of n from the user and then print out the table.Create a variation of this program that prints out only the evens and then another variation that prints out only the odds.You should give the user the option to print out evens or odds.You should create another class with methods to perform these calculations.

Extend:You should allow the user to enter the first number and the last number as well.


















Program 3

Pig - Dice Game


On a turn, a player rolls the die repeatedly until either:

  • A 1 is rolled
  • The player chooses to hold (stop rolling)

If a 1 is rolled, that player's turn ends and no points are earned.

If the player chooses to hold, all of the points rolled during that turn are added to his or her score.

Scoring Examples

Example 1:Sherri rolls a 3 and decides to continue. She then chooses to roll two more times (6, 1). Because she rolled a 1, Sherri's turn ends and she earns 0 points.

Game End

When a player reaches a total of 100 or more points, the game ends and that player is the winner.

New to you: You are going to fully implement this game now.

Program 4

You are going to extend your SimpleQuestionandAnswer game so that you can ask how many questions they want to answer. You are also going to extend it so that any operation could can work (i.e. +,-,*,/).Finally, you should keep track of how many they got correct and how many they go incorrect.You should also ask them if they want to go again or not.

Reference no: EM13327701

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