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Topic: Ethical Consumer Purchasing-Behaviour

No# of Pages: 10 pages (2,500 words)

Paper Style: Harvard

No# of Sources Required: 15

Please use 4* Journals such as the Journal of Business Ethics etc.

References can be less or more than 15.

1.3 Research Aim

The aim of this paper is to investigate factors that impedeuniversity students from purchasing ethically sourced products, particularly the Fair Trade Brand and make recommendations on how they may be encouraged to purchase ethically produced products.

1.4 Research Objectives

- To identify variables that may impede consumers' ethical purchasing behaviour and explore relevant theories

- To summarise and analyse findings to explain which variables influence university students to purchase (or not purchase) ethically produced products.

- To conclude and make recommendations how consumer awareness towards ethical buying may be improved and make recommendations for future research.

Learning outcomes

Whatever module or programme of study you are undertaking at Brunel University, there are learning outcomes that you must achieve in order to be awarded the necessary credits that comprise the module and programme of study.

The module provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas:

1. Drawing on the literature in the field, analyse and interpret research evidence of a discipline-specific phenomenon in order to identify a suitable research problem/issue or opportunity to explore.

2. Having identified a suitable research problem/issue or opportunity, design and implement a research investigation/study, use suitable research methods, appropriately justified, and report efficiently and effectively on the findings, conclusions and (where appropriate) proposals for appropriate action thereof.

3. Ensure that the requirements of responsible ethical behaviour in research are suitably taken into account.

You are responsible for attending seminars on a regular basis and for contributing actively to discussions and presentations. Seminar leaders/tutors are not 'supervisors'. As the name makes clear, a 'seminar leader' or tutor is responsible for facilitating discussions and for making helpful suggestions. Their/our role is not to 'teach' a fixed curriculum, or simply to supply you with the answer'. Rather, it is to encourage you towards becoming an 'independent' researcher. Being independent means (amongst other things) being capable of: (a) formulating good questions; (b) developing and presenting well-informed and well-supported arguments; and (c) defending your arguments in open discussion. Some of you may find this approach to learning quite unfamiliar and even a little uncomfortable at times. However, based on our extensive experience, we think it is an essential part of helping you to achieve the learning outcomes of the module and to be better prepared for similar tasks in a working environment. Learning to deal with complex, open-ended problems and limited, often ambiguous, information is an extremely valuable preparation for future challenges. After a bit of practice and confidence building, most students actually enjoy the experience!

You will get written feedback on your Proposal in less than 25 working days from the published submission date. We aim to do so within 15 working days. Note, 'aim' not As you know, there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that mean that, on occasion, there may be a slight delay. But, this is unusual, and so we are as confident as we can be that we can provide you with feedback within this shorter than normal timescale. This feedback will be provided to you via Blackboard Learn. Regardless of whether you have/do not have mitigating circumstances, we will look at, and provide written feedback on, Proposals which have been submitted to Blackboard Learn by the published deadline.

Should you submit your Proposal to Blackboard Learn after the deadline, no written feedback will be provided on it. Instead, that feedback will be oral (not written) feedback. This is because it is important that you get feedback quickly (you need to move on with the Project/the piece of research itself, regardless of what is or is not written in a Proposal). It is for you, the student, to request such feedback. That is, it is not the role/task of the seminar leader to contact you, the student whose Proposal is not up on Blackboard Learn by the deadline, and to tell that student 'your Proposal was not on Blackboard Learn but if you want feedback, then please book an appointment to see me'. The responsibility rests with you, the student.

If the worst happens, and feedback on your Proposal suggests that things have gone a bit (or very) wrong, you are not entitled to (and you should not attempt to) re-submit it in an attempt to improve it. You are, however, entitled to (and should) seek feedback from the seminar leader which will help you when it comes to the Project report itself. The Proposal is, in effect, 'your Project, but at an earlier stage of its development'. That is, it is not something different, separate, to your Project.

Attachment:- Ethical Consumer Purchasing-Behaviour.rar

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