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Design a Windows application and write the code that will execute according to the program requirements given below. Before designing the user interface, create a Use Case Definition. Before writing the code, create an event planning document for each event in the program.


Date Submitted: March 17, 2015

Application Title: Trailer Rental Rates Application

Purpose: This application computes the cost to rent a truck, cargo van, or trailer for your mow. The application will calculate the total cost, including 8.5% state tax.

Program Procedures: The user can select the type of rental and the number of days.

Algorithms, Processing and Conditions:

1. The user first views a Windows form that displays a title, a picture of a moving truck, a ComboBox object requesting the type of rental (truck, $29.95 a day; cargo van, $19.95 a day; or trailer, $14.95 a day), and a TextBox object for the number of days.

2. After the information has been entered, a Sub procedure displays three labels: Subtotal Billing Amount for Your Rental, Taxes for Your Rental, and Final Total.

3. Pass the cost of the rental type and the number of days to a Sub procedure to calculate the rental subtotal. Do not display the amount in this procedure.

4. Another Function procedure should compute the 8.5% tax. Pass that value back to the calling method.

5. Pass the subtotal, tax, and final cost to a Sub procedure to display the results.

Notes and Restrictions: The input values should be validated in a separate procedure by a Try-Catch block.

Comments: The picture should be selected from pictures available on the Web.

Reference no: EM13944290

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